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At Bishopdale Hearing, we are a truly patient-centred audiology clinic. We strive to provide the best in individualised care and independent advice, ensuring the best outcomes for your lifestyle.  Read more about our services below or get in touch to chat.

Our comprehensive hearing tests assess your level of hearing ability in a sound-attenuated booth. There are many medical reasons for a hearing assessment, and the results can tell us a lot about your overall health.

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and while we can fit all available manufacturers and styles, our audiologist will provide individualised care and  recommend what is best for you to suit your lifestyle.

If you are experiencing a feeling of pressure, dullness or itchy ears, you might have a build-up of wax, and an ear wax removal could be just what you need. We can also treat some outer ear infections.

Ear clinic services

We offer a comprehensive range of hearing and ear health services. 

Ear Wax Removals

Ages 10+ = $60 (GC $50)
Ages 4-9 years = $80

Professional removal of wax/foreign objects from the ear canal. Methods may include micro-suctioning, curettes or forceps. We recommend using oil in your ears two nights prior to these appointments for ease of removal.

For safety, we usually only offer wax removals for children aged under 4 if they are able to sit well during the procedure (it can be noisy). We allow more time for children’s appointments to ensure they feel comfortable in the clinic.

Hearing Screen & Health Checks

$60 (GC $50)
Ages 18+ only

A basic screening of your outer and middle ear health. 

This test includes a visual check of your ears, a pressure test that can tell us whether there is any fluid behind the eardrum, and a basic air conduction screening of your hearing.

This appointment is not a diagnostic test and does not include earwax removal. If there is wax to be removed first, this appointment will be $70. 

Diagnostic Hearing Assessments

Ages 10+ = $95 (GC $85)
Ages 4-9 years = $140

Comprehensive hearing tests including otoscopy, air conduction, bone conduction, speech audiometry and tympanometry.  

For children under 10 years old, we have different methods of testing, therefore we allow more time for these appointments and reports.

For more information about hearing assessments, please see our hearing tests page.

Tympanometry (Glue-Ear Checks)


very basic screening of your middle ear health. This includes otoscopy (visual checking of the ear) and tympanometry (a pressure test which tells us if there is any fluid or glue-ear). This appointment is able to be done from ages 1+ and only takes 5-10 minutes to complete – easy for kids!

This appointment type is unavailable online – please call us or email us to book this in.

Hearing Device Consultations

$60 (free if covered by ACC)

An open and collaborative discussion about your hearing so we can recommend the right hearing devices to suit your hearing loss and lifestyle. These appointments are typically booked with a diagnostic hearing assessment and are therefore included in the above cost. If you are looking for a second opinion or quote after seeing another clinic, please contact us to book this appointment.

Hearing Aid Fittings

$800 – $7500

Once we have selected the right hearing device package for your lifestyle and budget in the consultation, we use Real-Ear-Measurements to ensure the devices are correctly set up for your individual ear canal shape, size and hearing loss. After this, we spend time fine-tuning the hearing aids for your experiences. All hearing devices are fit with a two-month trial period in order to make sure you are 100% happy with them.

Hearing Aid Adjustments and Repairs


We are able to service, adjust and repair all hearing aids from leading hearing aid manufacturers. If it’s your first time seeing us, we will do a new hearing assessment and Real-Ear-Measurements to ensure your current hearing aids are working as well as possible for you. If the devices need extra parts or to be sent away for a service, this may cost extra if they are outside of their warranty period.

Custom-made Hearing Protection

$200 – $300 (standard/filtered)  $1000-$2000 (electronic plugs/monitors)

Through taking an impression of the ear canal, we are able to make custom moulds and ear-plugs to fit the exact shape of your ear. Options vary from simple sleep and swim plugs to Grade 5 earplugs and electronic shooting earplugs.

Second-Hand Hearing Aid Fittings

$600 – $1000

We offer a service where we can fit second-hand hearing devices you may have received from a relative or friend. Please note – there are significant risks in having this done and our audiologist will discuss whether the devices are suitable for you. This depends on your hearing loss type, the aid style and the age of the aids.

"Bradi is the ultimate professional - she has a real passion for people and doing the very best for her clients. After a period of time one of my hearing aids from a large franchise failed I was never offered a loan set to “to get me through.” When I was travelling through Christchurch I dropped in to see Bradi who loaned me a set of hearing aids straight away. This is something Bradi will do for all her clients. Her follow up care is exemplary and I would thoroughly recommend Bradi to anyone who may be reluctant to get the real story about what is available if you are suffering from hearing loss."
Lindsay Whyte