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If you are experiencing a feeling of pressure, dullness or itchy ears, you might have a build-up of wax, and an ear wax removal could be just what you need. Our nurse can also treat some outer ear infections (otitis externa). We also perform a Middle Ear Health Check (tympanometry) with all our earwax removal appointments to ensure there is no fluid or eustachian tube disorders that we can’t visualise.

$60 ($50 GC)

Clinic Location: Bishopdale, Christchurch
Please note: If you have comprehensive Southern Cross Health Insurance, please call us to book and we can check your policy in the Southern Cross portal. 

Do I need wax removal?

Earwax is a natural secretion called cerumen produced from glands in the outer part of the ear canal.

A small amount of earwax is healthy for keeping bugs and other germs out, however, if you feel blocked in one or both ears, this can sometimes cause tinnitus or balance problems and require professional removal. 

We do NOT recommend using any eardrops from the pharmacy to help with your wax blockage – please just use a few drops of olive oil or any natural cooking oil the night prior to your appointment. Other drops can make the wax worse and we often find it stuck to your eardrum, which is very uncomfortable to remove.

Emma showing the anatomy of the ear for ear wax removal in Christchurch
Bradi checking hearing and ear health at her audiology clinic in Christchurch

What are symptoms of earwax build-up?

Some symptoms you might notice if you have an unhealthy build-up of earwax include:

  • Feeling of blockage
  • Trouble hearing
  • Ringing (tinnitus) in your ear
  • Discharge from your ear
  • You have a history of earwax build-up

If you notice any of these symptoms, give our wonderful team a call or book an appointment online at our Christchurch clinic.

"Thank you Emma for restoring my hearing! Your knowledge, experience and lovely attitude made the whole appointment surprisingly enjoyable. Especially for first thing on a sunday morning. You've made a new loyal customer."
David Hunt

Frequently asked questions

We have different methods available, but we mostly use micro-suction. Micro-suctioning is a low-risk way to vacuum wax from the ear canals safely. However, it is fairly noisy, so we have different options available for people who may be more sensitive to noise.

Our clinic is located in Bishopdale, Christchurch.

Our Ear Nurse Emma is available for bookings on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Yes Emma our ear nurse is open for earwax removal appointments on Sundays 8am – 6pm.

It is $60 for an adult for earwax removal. Gold Card discounts are available, please ask us.