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Are you looking for comfortable, reliable hearing aids that are tested and fitted specifically for your ears and lifestyle?

At Bishopdale Hearing, we provide comprehensive hearing tests and device consultations to help you with your hearing difficulties. 

All hearing aids have a two-month trial period, which is to ensure they are the right style, sound quality and fit for you. We make sure your hearing aids are suitable for you not only now, but at least six years into the future.

So wherever you are in your hearing journey, our friendly, helpful team are here to make the process of finding the right aids easier for you, guiding you every step of the way. 

Bradi, our Audiologist and Clinic Owner, also works Saturdays – no need to take time off work to come in!

Why should I wear hearing aids?

It is so important to hear the world around you clearly. Caring for your hearing health can reduce tinnitus, isolation, fatigue and, most importantly, frustration with your loved ones!

Consistently wearing professionally-fitted hearing devices has been shown to help retain cognitive function. A recent independent study has been published showing that hearing intervention can help reduce impacts of cognitive deterioration.

It is important to note that hearing loss alone cannot cause or cure dementia, however it has been named as one of the “modifiable risk factors” – meaning it is something we can reliably and easily improve.

These studies help us to push for increased hearing healthcare accessibility and more affordable solutions.

Behind the ear hearing aid
Different hearing aid types

We help you choose the right hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget

Hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all, and with so many options to choose from, we understand the process of selecting hearing devices can seem daunting.

As an independent audiology clinic, we are able to fit all manufacturers and styles, plus we have no commercial interest in any particular devices – we will only recommend what is best for you as an individual. After selecting the right hearing devices, we fit them according to your individual ear canal shape, size and hearing loss using Real-Ear-Measurements.

How much do hearing aids cost?

In general, if you are eligible for the standard Ministry of Health subsidy, hearing aids can range from $800 – $6800 for a pair of devices. We can also help apply for further funding if you meet certain criteria.

If you are eligible for ACC or Veterans’ Affairs funding, this can give you between $3000 – $5000 towards a pair of hearing devices, meaning that at least the basic technology level is fully funded.

When choosing hearing aids, we take care to consider both your budget and lifestyle to ensure you receive transparent pricing options that meet your needs.

Bradi checking hearing and ear health at her audiology clinic in Christchurch

What happens in a hearing consultation?

During your initial consultation, we guide you through the following options to help you find the best solution for your hearing loss: 

Step 1. Hearing Aid Style

Different types of hearing aids available to you
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There are many different styles of hearing devices. Some are behind-the-ear, some are in-the-ear, some are small and require good dexterity to manage, while others are larger and easier to clean.

Each style has its own unique benefits, and some styles are more suited to certain hearing losses or ear shapes than others. Most hearing aids come in a rechargeable option, meaning you likely won’t have to contend with disposable batteries any longer.

To decide which style of hearing aid is best suited for you, we look at:

  • Your hearing loss
  • Your ear anatomy
  • Earwax production and ear health
  • Your dexterity (for managing small parts)

Step 2. Technology Level and Cost

Graph showing the different levels of hearing aid technology
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The technology level of your hearing aids influences features such as sound quality and the ability to hear in background noise. These different levels do not change the appearance of the hearing aid, but higher the technology level, the better the quality of hearing in challenging environments.

Once we get to know you and your lifestyle, we can work out which features best suit your requirements.

As you may suspect, the technology level in the picture above is what determines the cost of the hearing devices. 

After discounting the standard Ministry of Health subsidy, a pair of high-tech devices range between $5700-$6800*, mid-range between $3000-$4400, and entry-level between $800-$2000. You may be eligible for further funding through the Ministry of Health, ACC, or Veterans Affairs.

Aside from the $800 models, all devices have rechargeable options and bluetooth – these features do not have an additional cost. 

Step 3. Hearing Device Manufacturer

Different types of hearing aids that we can offer independent advice on
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There are eight leading hearing aid manufacturers that audiologists use globally. Most of them have sites in New Zealand, meaning new orders and repairs have a fairly quick turn-around (usually between 3 – 14 days).

Some manufacturers are better for certain people than others. This might be determined by the way a device operates, the sound processing features it has, or something as simple as how easy it is to clean or recharge.

We fit and service all leading manufacturers, however some are more expensive than others. Unless you have a very niche requirement, most people don’t need to look outside our base range (more information on pricing above).

Whichever qualities and features you need, we have access to all available devices and will only recommend the aids that are truly best for you.

Step 4. WOOF Hearing Aid Care Packages

WOOF Hearing Aid Care Packages
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Hearing aids require maintenance and upkeep to continue working properly (just like a car!). At Bishopdale Hearing, we understand everyone has individual needs when it comes to servicing their devices. While some people are confident they can easily clean and service their hearing aids at home, others may prefer to have regular professional aftercare.

That’s why we created our Warrant of Otological Fitness (WOOF) Packages. We keep our hearing aid prices fair, and our packages give you complete control over which maintenance services you receive. Think of this like an extended warranty.

Please click here to view our WOOF Packages.

"Bradi's follow-up work, de-waxing my ears and explaining my problems was first-class. There was no sales pressure and she explained why she supported the model of hearing devices. She has a fine knowledge of her profession and is gifted with a warm, sincere personality."
Gavin Craig