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Even a small build-up of earwax or debris can affect the sound quality of your hearing aids. You should clean your hearing aids:

  • Nightly: Wipe the hearing device with a tissue every night before bed
  • Weekly: Remove the dome and brush underneath to prevent wax accumulation (you don’t have to do this if you have a custom ear-mould)
  • Monthly: Change the filter (you may not have filters if you have hearing aids with thicker tubing)
  • Clean the charger and make sure there is no debris blocking the contacts

Please watch our educational videos below to learn how to clean your specific brand of hearing aid. 

Please note: the videos below only show receiver-in-the-ear hearing devices. If your devices have a tube instead of a speaker, they may not use these parts shown. 

How to Clean Starkey Hearing Aids

How to Clean Signia & Widex Hearing Aids

How to Clean Phonak & Unitron Hearing Aids

How to Clean ReSound & Beltone Hearing Aids

How to Clean Bernafon & Oticon Hearing Aids