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News and Updates

Keep updated with the latest topics from Bishopdale Hearing!

13/10/23 -

Change in hours! As we welcome Jo, our wonderful new receptionist, to our team, we are also able to increase our opening hours. Jo will be here from Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm, meaning we are now open nearly 7 days of the week! Emma works Sundays and Bradi offers appointments every 2nd Saturday. As Jo will be with us full-time, we will no longer be playing as much telephone tag with our patients. In a few weeks, Jo will also be able to clean and check your hearing devices, so please pop in and pay her a visit if you have any concerns. 

31/05/23 -

We are constantly busy here at Bishopdale Hearing - and have lots of updates for June...

1. We have employed our very own Ear Hygienist, Emma! Emma is an experienced ear nurse, having worked in earwax removals at another clinic before shifting to us. Emma is working for us on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays to help Bradi out. On her other days, Emma specialises in mental health work and loves getting out in the community.

2. From the end of June, you may also see another lovely audiologist, Dianne, in clinic. Dianne is taking on a locum role with us while Bradi is on maternity leave. Bradi will be off between the end of June and September - but rest assured you will be looked after! Bradi and Dianne are good friends and were colleagues back in 2016, so you can trust Dianne will look after you while Bradi is busy.


25/01/23 -

Earwax! As we're one of the only audiologists who still provide professional earwax removals, we've been so busy that we're starting to fully book at least a week out. This has resulted in many people who are feeling uncomfortable and blocked having to wait quite a few days to be seen. We are excited to announce that we have a contracting Ear Nurse coming to help us out. For current Bishopdale Hearing clients, this unfortunately does mean that we are having to increase our extremely competitive Gold Card Wax Removal prices from $40 to $50 from March onwards. This is still lower than most other competitors who do not offer Gold Card pricing, but is necessary to cover the increase in staffing.

20/11/22 - 

Ahh, summer! As it's heating up, Bradi realised she really needed some better quality drinking water in the clinic. We now have a water filter and cooler for all our patients in the waiting room - feel free to help yourself!

05/09/22 - 

Wheelchair access update - we had a wonderful patient give us some advice on how to make the lip at our front door more wheelchair-friendly. We have now received a portable rubber wheelchair ramp which we can easily pop out for any patients needing assistance. Our front doors can still be tricky, so please let us know ahead of time if you need assistance with entry so we ensure we have the ramp ready to go. Please continue to let us know if there is anything else we can do to make our clinic more user-friendly! We love to hear your feedback.

04/07/22 - 

CHANGE IN CLINIC HOURS! Bishopdale Hearing has now been open for 4 months! Bradi has finished up her part-time stint helping cover some maternity leave at Vera Setz Hearing in Rangiora and Amberley. This means Bishopdale Hearing will now be open full-time for all your audiology needs. Our new opening days are Tuesday to Saturday, meaning we can help more people with our flexible weekend hours.

25/05/22 - 

We now have carpet! As the clinic was previously a hairdressing salon, the floorboards weren't doing us any good in our consult room. Bradi's husband spent the weekend laying down some fabulous light blue carpet tiles (very on-brand) in the reception area and consult room - come in and feel more at home!

07/03/22 - 

WE ARE OPEN! Come and see Bradi at Bishopdale Hearing, for all your audiology needs. We are currently open on Wednesdays and Fridays, with weekend appointments available. Bradi is also working at Vera Setz Hearing in Rangiora and Amberley on the other days of the week as she is filling in for a colleague's maternity leave. Bishopdale Hearing will be open full-time in July 2022. 

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