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Ear Wax Removal Christchurch

If you are experiencing a feeling of pressure, dullness or recent loss of hearing, you might have a build-up of wax in your ears, and an ear wax removal could be just what you need. A small amount of earwax is healthy for keeping bugs and other germs out, however, if you feel blocked in one or both ears, this can sometimes cause tinnitus or balance problems and require professional removal. If this happens, give us a call for ear cleaning.

We have different methods available, but we mostly use micro-suction. Micro-suctioning is a low-risk way to vacuum wax from the ear canals safely. However, it is fairly noisy, so we have different options available for people who may be more sensitive to noise.

What You Can Expect From Us Besides Wax Removal

We love the Bishopdale community, and our comprehensive audiology clinic is 100% locally owned and ready to assist you with any hearing-related concerns you may have. We are open from Tuesdays through to Fridays, plus our Ear Hygienist is also here on Sundays.

  • To determine the cause of any hearing loss, pain or discomfort, we can do a diagnostic hearing assessment on adults or children over four years old.

  • If we find that you would benefit from hearing aids, we allow time for a full consultation with you and your family members to find the best solution for your lifestyle.

  • If hearing too much is your problem, we can bring you peace and better sleep with custom moulded earplugs that comfortably fit your ear canal. We can make swimming or sleep earplugs alongside customised filtered hearing protection and shooting earplugs.

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As an essential service to our community, we also offer hearing tests required by the Civil Aviation Authority or workplaces. They only take 30 minutes to complete. Experience the caring service of our community-orientated audiology clinic. Your journey to better hearing starts with us.

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